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Welcome to the Toddler Room!


  • 135 Hawkview Blvd

  • 145 Hawkview Blvd

  • 3611 Major Mackenzie Dr

  • Age's: 18 months to 2.5 years

    Ratio: 1:5

    Class Size: 15 Children

    Our little toddlers are cared for in a safe, tender, loving environment. Our Staff work with parents to minimize separation anxiety and helping each child develop positive relationships with staff and each other.

    Toddlers love their daily buggy rides as well as outdoor time in our Toddler Play area. The classes have daily activites that involve nature, real life experiences, dramatic play, sensory activities, gross motor/fine motor, literacy time. These are well observed by the teacher and are documented for the parents to review. Toddlers enjoy everything above, but most of all, socializing with each other.

    Their classroom contains a variety of materials which build on the development of their various motor skills. The washroom is attached to the classroom and in addition to a change table there are two miniature toilets for any children who are ready for potty training.